Throughout our lives we make friends from all sorts of places. Sometimes the friends we make are just passing ships and other times they are life-long companions. I am lucky to say that I have experienced both and everything inbetween.

I am growing up in a small town where everyone knows everyone and their mother. This means that the friends I had as a kindergartener are still very likely to be my friend, right? Wrong. If you’ve ever lived in a small town you’ll understand this, for smaller places are equal to no escape when something goes wrong, and something always goes wrong. Although, the wrong isn’t always evident, it’s there. Most of my friendships that have ended, were due to drifting apart, uncommon interests. The wrong here is that I never really had a real friend either way. This has led me to have some trust issues with people in general.

On occasion we will meet people who we think are amazing and then out of nowhere the friendship dissipates. I call these passing ships. When they are gone you do not notice the way you thought you would have and the person seems to hold no purpose to you. On the other hand, I think these people hold a lot of purpose. they teach you that happiness is kind of awesome and still existent. They also teach you that not everyone has time to wait around, which is a good life lesson due to the fact that life waits for no one.

It is very rare to find life-long companions. We pick them up in the weirdest places. Amongst these places is the basement where your parents set up playdates with their friends kids, which you later find out was just a bunch of toys being thrown at one another, it is the band room where your best friend heard you volunteer for the screamo version of Hot Cross Buns and still decided to talk to you, and it is the preschool classroom where one other kid and yourself decided that bringing your blankies was a good idea. The friendship you share with these people are laughs when you need them, shoulders to cry on, because we definitely have bad days, many bad days, and it is looking at pictures and remembering who we were and realizing who we have become. This friendship is, perhaps, the most powerful friendship of all.

The friends that you love the most  are not always the friends that are with you in the end. Wherever the end will be, it’s not here yet. I have them now and I hope I have them for a lot longer.


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