Talent in the 21st Century

It’s so sad what’s being passed off as talent these days. For all I see is artificial beauty and fake smiles.

Talent is raw, it is every feeling and emotion that one can have all piled into one thing. Talent is not auto-tune and songs that don’t mean a thing.

I’ve noticed that the musicians that are struggling are always the raw people, they love what they do and have so much passion for the music. The people making it rarely write their songs, so don’t over analyze your favorite pop stars last song. It may say something in it about a relationship they had recently gotten out of, but by no means does it actually refer to that.

You should never take a job based on what you look like because you won’t be happy. If you excel in math and love it, but take a modeling job because it pays more and you look the part then I don’t like you. You’re taking something away from someone who actually wants it. You could be doing math and be so much happier.


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