I Took a Walk

Today I took a walk with a very good friend. Our intention was originally to photograph her, but as we got walking and as we started talking I decided that a picture of her would never do her any justice. These words will not and could not ever do her justice. She is a mural that is painted on every wall in the world.
She is vibrant. She is always alive and she is always dreaming. She dreams so big but she always keeps one foot stable on the ground–she knows the reality of things. I wish I could be more like her but, with my cynical attitude, I do not see that happening anytime soon.
She is also incredibly kind. She always talks about how rude she is, but I have never seen that. She tries her best to acknowledge everyone around her and I really respect that. She is only giving people her best.
She laughs at everything. If something is even slightly funny, she is there, laughing. It has proven to make moods light and happy. I appreciate that tremendously.
I took a walk with a beautiful mural, it was a pretty fucking adverse mural but, nevertheless, a mural. I have never wanted to go on a walk with art so badly.


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  1. Beauty! You seem like such a sweetheart ❤


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