love letter to the sun




i know not of your position
in the other half of the world
i only know you when
you’re here

your light reflects
off ponds, lakes, and streams
leaving me with the
cool refreshing taste of your soul

you leave
sometimes for hours
sometimes days
days turning to months

then you reappear
kiss my skin
and teach me how
to feel again

over the years
i have learned that
you will never leave
for good

you are a constant
a lover
a shiner
a ray

you shower me with
hair down
breeze blowing
fast car kind of love

but you go away
leaving me with
sad, empty,
cold darkness

then you reappear
kiss my skin
and teach me how
to feel again

The sky, in its infinite glory, owns my soul. It knows all of my secrets, all of my heartbreaks, all of my loves, all of me. The sky could tell you what I am unsure about. Only the sky could tell you I make faces when I am focused, I have a difficult time staying on a topic, things I know not of myself. The sky, unfortunately, cannot speak. It cannot give me advice, cannot tell me I am loved, cannot reprimand my horrible choices. The sky can only listen. Even when I am angry, livid, infuriated, the sky wants to listen. Sometimes the sky has bad days, clouds covering its surface. These are the days that I must listen to the sky, in its infinite glory. I must not speak, I must watch, watch until the clouds that loom above move away. This is how I know you love me, by watching and listening as I do with the sky. The sky owns my soul, but you own my heart.


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