20 Reasons Why Growing Up In West Michigan Is the Best

West Michigan is the perfect place to raise a family and it is a wonderful place to grow up. Though the shopping centers are few and far between, the beaches and hometown spirit is found everywhere. Here are a few reasons why West Michigan is the best place to grow up…

  1. Wherever you are, you are always within a 30 mile radius of at least 10 beaches. Michigan is notorious for its beautiful beaches, so it is a privilege to live near so many. Despite living next to so many beaches, everyone has “their” beach. We have been to all of them over the course of our lives and decided on the one we will always go to.
  2. Summer jobs are never an issue to find. Living in West Michigan definitely has its advantages. For example, the roaring summer beach towns offer teenagers an abundance of job opportunities. Whether we were working retail or picking asparagus, we were always making money for college.
  3. Summer in general… West Michigan offers beautiful beaches and plenty of festivals to enjoy your summers. Summer in West Michigan is cooling off in a 65 degree lake on an 80 degree day…
  4. Farm Stands… Every few miles there are farm stands with fresh, local everything. Whether it’s apples or asparagus, your family is more likely to buy local than from a supermarket.
  5. Asparagus. Asparagus is very famous in West Michigan, everyone has tried it and has either liked or disliked it, there is no in between.  The area has found numerous ways to eat it, from grilled to fried. Oceana county even has an entire weekend dedicated to Asparagus, “Asparagus Festival.”
  6. Coast Guard Festival. Coast Guard Fest is a wondrous occasion for families and adults alike. The festival lasts a week and everyone has made it to the busy festival at least once in their lives.
  7. The County Fair. Ah. yes, The Fair. The county fair was a do not miss occasion (especially when we were in middle school and tried to make it everyday) and no matter how old we were, we always made sure to make it at least one of the nights.
  8. The Ludington New Year’s Eve Ball Drop. This offered everyone in the area a scale model of New Year’s Eve in New York City, plus it was really fun to get together with your friends and ring in the new year.
  9. Lighthouses. Michigan, in general, is flooded with Lighthouses. West Michigan is home to some of the best and you probably took school trips to one or two of them. Your summers are probably spent on break-walls that lead out to lighthouses.
  10. State Parks. Michigan is home to some of the most beautiful state parks that offer an abundance of opportunities, such as tubing, hiking, renting kayaks, cross country skiing, or a simple day at the beach. Life never gets boring…
  11. Country Dairy. The dairy tradition of the ages. Convenience stores all over Michigan carry Country Dairy milk products, but Western Michiganders have the opportunity to experience it all first hand. From the burgers to the process for milk, we have the whole experience.
  12. Sand Castle’s Children’s Museum. The children’s museums were  huge part of all of our childhoods, we begged our parents to take us. It was a wondrous opportunity to play pretend for a day.
  13. John Ball Zoo. The zoo was always a field trip we remembered, but also a cheap way to spend the day with the family. Though prices have risen, we still take the to get to the zoo no matter how old we get.
  14. Fredrick Meijer Gardens. Meijer Gardens is another field trip we all have taken. The butterfly gardens being most attractive to all. The concert series was also a fan favorite.
  15. House Of Flavors. In Northern West Michigan you can find some of the best ice cream you will ever taste.
  16. The Lake. No matter what lake you were going to, it was always “the lake.” Whether you were spending a weekend or a week or two, it was always a good time.
  17. Sand Dunes. The famous Silver Lake Sand Dunes were always a good time. Some people had flags, some people took rides at Mac Woods, but either way was a fun way to spend a day in the summer heat.
  18. Faygo Pop. Only we know that Cotton Candy is an actual flavor of “pop.”
  19. Fourth of July. Michigan threw the best fourth of July bashes. We also had weird nights for fireworks so it was possible to catch, at least, 3 firework shows in one week.
  20. Everyone Comes Home. No matter how far you wander, you will always return to the land that raised you. And the moment you return, you best believe the entire community knows you’re home.

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